Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who let the dogs out???

The never ending war of sexes took a new toll when I was enjoying my cup of tea with my friend. My friend got really offended when one of my guy friends said that ‘women do not give men a chance. They just throw them out of their lives if they make one mistake.’ Well, that was pretty rude. But you see you cannot stereotype any of the sexes. There are people who are really considerate about their partners.

But there was no stopping for my friend. And this is what she started with. Considering the fact that all men are NOT SAME, she pointed out such men who are actually painful to be around. And I think she actually had a point. What? Of course, not all men are rapists, eve-teasers and male chauvinists and wife beaters. But we cannot say that a disease won't affect us if we avoid it. As a friend, Sheena, truely quoted today "Just because you are a vegetarian, do not expect the lion to not eat you." Yeah I know you want to ask me how many of them can be considered harmful?

If you really ask me this I would say "Let us not talk numbers here buddy." Every woman has some value so does their quality of life. Even in a routine like traveling in public transport she has to be relentlessly aware about the people around her only because of ‘exceptional cases’ like bottom- pinchers and elbow shovers, trouble makers who hang on the train door outside the ladies compartment. You have to be utterly careful because they either physically harm you or do you some monetary harm by snatching purses or jewellery or tease you from the parallel train for fun-sake. Can one understand the kind of irritation that women have to face due to those itching fingers (and there is absolutely no requirement to tell what other parts of male anatomy) reach out to you? (Sorry I can't use profanity here. It's supposed to be a clean blog. But I think all women will understand the kind of abusive words I want to throw up.) Especially in crowded buses, trains, railway platforms, markets and crowded streets. And if you are traveling in general compartment of a train and if you complain even a bit, they say ‘Madam, Itna problem hai to ladies mein jao naa!’ Well we have no problem you see. But we get into the general compartment because we might have either missed the train or might be traveling with some other guy friends. Our poor civilised guy friends get into trouble trying to save us from these monsters. OK OK. You have a problem with that? Then you are justified to an extent. But what do we do when we are traveling in a bus. There are no separate compartments no?

Because of all this, unlike the men, we can't even browse through our newspapers and magazines peacefully. We cannot immerse ourselves in any such pastime, or be oblivious to our surroundings because you don’t know when some sleazy hands catch you off-guard. I know a lady who told me that she got her bottom pinched when she was pregnant and was traveling with her husband in the train. She immediately told her hubby who quickly called out to the cops who were nearby, luckily. The cops bundled him off and he never was to be seen. When will this mentality die?

To be in constant state of red alert because a small percentage of the male population we are there for their pervert pornographic pleasure is a reason enough to evolve us into prickly porcupines. That so many of us still go through the day with a smile is thanks to the resilience we have had to build up, over the years. But eve-teasing is the most minor of offences we have to cope with. Think of those poor women who slog through the day, cooking, cleaning, keeping house, rearing children and contributing to the family only to be battered by some frustrated male called ‘husband’, at the end of the day. Wife beating is prevalent in all the classes: from domestic worker who scrubs the floor and utensils to the glamorous film star- anybody can be a victim of male ego and complexes.

The greatest of the writers have mentioned this social trauma in their work and nothing has changed till date. I don't think I writing a blog is going to make a difference either. I am just taking my frustration out. I will end this post with a hope that I reach home safely everyday without being attacked by these mad dogs. And also this post is a tribute to all those men who are civilised and realise that we women are just as important human beings as they are and treat us like respectable citizens. I would personally like to thank each of my guy friends and I empathise with all my female friends.... WATCH OUT!!! ;)


  1. I go with Rohit, and you get an idea of the same in a fictional short story in one of my blog posts.