Sunday, June 12, 2011

Living in a country of The Babus and The Babas

With Baba Ramdev taking over the entire media attention no news seem to be good enough. Every morning I get up to switch on the television to get my daily dose of this Baba news. The entire of the media-verse is running after Baba to get a bite of this Mahabharata created by him. I was so under a misconception that I am living in an era of the Babus (the white collared jobs). Rather now I do not care who is running what. What matters is the cause people are standing up for nowadays. Anna Hazare was just the beginning. I loved the way this entire event took turn. But I did not expect a Yog Guru to enter the scene.
Talking of the Babas, there was a time in India when Babas were considered omniscient. We respected them and gave them the position of Gods. They know what is wrong, what is right. Ramdev announced that he wants to train the youth on the basis of "Shaastras and Shastras" i.e., Knowledge and Weapons. This is the basic principle of "Brahmcharyashram". This will help them protect themselves and people around them. It was a helpful discipline back then. But is it applicable today? Does today's youth understand its importance. Baba is thinking of this in good faith. But for whom? Us people? Believe me or loath me for this. But if this matter cools down somehow, people will forget about this instantly. Worst case is that, if something happens to Baba during this struggle, his few 1000 supporters will mourn for a few days and people will forget about it. I am not shooting in air. People move on too easily and we all know that. The training that Baba was talking about would have been in good faith. But this can turn into a Naxalite like movement. Today's youth doesn't know how to handle power. It can turn into a mess. I say, bad idea Baba, with all due respect.
I mentioned people because, its been quite sometime since Ramdev is ruling all the news channels now, people have started to take this event for-granted already.  The moment they see Ramdev, they change channel.
The question still remains. What is will be the fate of this event now? Constant clashes of these Babas and the Babus is doing us no good. People get overwhelmed with every little new that these news channels hype. They show the same news in 24 different ways in 24 hours. They are very talented, I say.    
Will all the black money be transfered to India. Wow, that makes us the richest nation in the world then. I am happy right now imagining this. But I know it is never going to happen. There is a lot more than the dirty politics happening in front of the screen. The real scene is happening behind the curtains. I won't be surprised if this Fasting is just another way to divert media attention. So, no point in getting excited. Still, the possibilities are endless. I am keeping a close eye on this mess.
Nonetheless, I would confess that this Babus vs Babas is quite entertaining! ;)