Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Acchhhoooo…!!!!! Part 2

The saga of my running nose continues. Its been a week now and my cold doesn't stop. And I know why this has happened. I breached all the DO-NOT-DO-THIS-WHEN-YOU-HAVE-COLD rules. The rules that I dared to breach are as follows:
  1. Do not have ice cream
  2. Do not drink cold drinks
  3. Do not travel without covering your face
  4. Do not eat oily food
  5. Take medicines on time
  6. Gargle thrice a day
  7. Talk less and many more of these
I did not follow any of the above rules. So I think cold is here to stay for good and I am going to go through it for some more time. Does that mean I am going to follow the above rules? nahhhh... :P
Mummy, can I have more tissues please.. No no. no Haldi ka doodh :(

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