Sunday, April 10, 2011

India: Struggling for freedom from corruption

The day Anna Hazare's hunger strike against corruption started, it reminded me of the evening I saw Rang De Basanti. When the movie got over I realised that I was a changed girl. Some principles had developed in me. I was more humble towards the needy and felt even stronger for the nation. Yet, I had a lot of questions in my mind. What do we do with the passion that we develop towards our nation in regular intervals. We get highly inspired but what it is that we do about what is happening wrong around us?
A few days after I watched the movie, I remember my domestic help, my maid came to us stating that some agent/ employee in the post office is refusing to give her the money that she had deposited a couple of years back. It was due and that they were asking for unnecessary documents. She did provide them to them but that woman refused to pay. I listened to her plight and decided to give her some justice. The next day she took me to that agent's house. I talked politely to her but she was adamant and arrogant. I had to raise my voice and threaten her to take to the police. She kept on saying that this is none of my business. I too refused to budge and forcibly took her to the post office threatening to put her behind the bars. Then what happened? Obviously she paid up and my maid and her ego was satisfied. I still remember the smile on her face. Sitting here, now I wonder, whether it was any of my business. Why did I do it? Why is there still craving for justice? This question arose because Anna went on a hunger strike for his fellow citizens. Maybe even he wants to see the smiles on the faces of all Indians when it will become corruption free. Is it his business alone? Don't we have any responsibilities? Are we more excited about the IPL match than the Lokpal Bill?
India is believed to have a huge number of working population and the percentage is expected to grow exponentially in next ten years. Right now we live in a country where getting any work done legally has become impossible. You have to twist it to get it out or put some weight on the hands of these corrupt officials. The point is, how do they become corrupt? Say if someone pays 6-7 lakhs to get the job, he will continue spreading the poison in the system. Either he will squeeze out all the money from the layman or he will not work at all. The inflation rate is all time high. How will a common man feed his family when he has loan obligations? He will do it for the family. They do not even remember that the person they are looting has a family too. Or sometimes its just a habit that has been brought through the entire system. Where are we heading12 with this kind of working population? Is it doing any good to the nation. No. Definitely not.
Anna Hazare is in that matters a hero. People have been and still are victimized on every path they take. I remember I went with my brother to get my passport police verification done. He asked for Rs. 300 each, just to send the documents to the next stage. I did not give it. My brother's passport has been delivered and mine, I do not know what happened to it. Well, this is something that have lowest number of levels in the hierarchy of internal system. People do not go ahead to get work done in a government offices. They know its a maze. If you go in there you are going to be stuck for a long time before you find your way out.
Coming back to me becoming a changed person after the movie, I remember a couple of other friends too got inspired by the same or I think the entire batch did. But their hopes and enthusiasm were shattered when they had to take admission in the college of their choice. We the youth of India are believed to be the most unguided generation of all times. We do not have directions. Let alone directions, we do not know our destinations. And we are heading. God knows where. This man, Anna Hazare reminded us that we have earned our country and took it from the malicious rulers because we wanted to run it our way, a better way. I thank him for reminding us that we are the future of this country and only if we do something about this, the country will take shape according to our deeds. Only if we eradicate corruption from our mind our next generation will carry forward the same principles. I do not know how many of us have realised this but we have huge responsibility on our shoulders. We should not be flashing money every where to get things done faster and in an easy manner. A man from past generation woke us up from the sleep. We have been agitated about the fact that India's progress is hampered because of these scams but we were still living with the fact.
Not all can become like Anna but we can definitely adopt some of his principles in us. If all of us follow this sincerely everyday and teach the kids the same I believe GenNext India will see a corruption free nation. I hope wes soon head to a progress that we are proud of. All said and done, the fact remains the same. The battles are won but the war still continues.

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