Friday, March 11, 2011

Real Friends And Sycophants

Have you ever noticed that whenever a film is going to be released, the preview is first shown to the friends of the director, actors and producer of the film? And they all come out applauding and praising the film and its making. If the public love it, then it’s well and good. But many a times the public reject it and the producer keeps on wondering what went wrong because everyone who saw the movie at the preview found it ‘mind- blowing’. Many filmmakers (or artists or writers) complain when the public find their creation objectionable or the critics detest it. They also scratch their heads thinking why their friends never warned them about it and that it was not a good piece of work. 
This is one of the hazards of the deal. No one wants to become unpopular, so they don’t express their true opinions to the originator. But don’t you think if they had really been his true friends, they would have gently busted the fact to him and maybe helped to reclaim or alter his creation. Well, it is justified why no one likes to point his or her friend’s mistake in his conception or piece of work. There are obviously some people around who don’t expect and accept the opinions that are not in the favour of their work. Telling them the truth would mean ending up the friendship for once and forever.
After all the effort on the piece is done and ready to display you do get honest response and reaction at times, may it be a film or a painting on the canvas. The sneak-peek has saved so many writers from publishing articles which without an honest opinion would have miserably failed. At times people encourage sycophants and then face the music. This syndrome can be easily related to the childhood short story where the king felt he is wearing the most valuable clothes on the earth which the tailor fooled the king saying it could not be seen by him (invisible to the king alone). And when he asked opinions from the courtiers they said that it was incredible even there were no clothes on the king. They did not point out that he was half naked. Why? They feared the king.
If you think only big time artists or filmmakers or other such personalities love to listen to the praises then you are wrong. Well we find such people in our daily lives too. And there are no fewer sycophants surrounding you. People love to live in a world where nothing can go wrong and one will get only praises even if they wear shabby looking outfits or get the most hideous hair cut ever done or does fashion that doesn’t even suit them.
It takes a real friend to tell someone that he or she has put on some kilos or those expensive accessories that she bought yesterday doesn’t suit her and they are worthless and the new pair of denims are awful or the piece of literature that he/she has written sucks. But then it takes a real friend to accept these opinions too and understand that they are not being criticised out of callousness or resentment but it was done to save him from further distress or torment. Blunt and tactless people are often eschewed or ignored and have no friends, when actually such people in friend’s circle are assets. They really don’t care about being popular with you nor do they expect you to give good but wrong opinions about the next time they’re going to make something. They call a pin a pin. They don’t call it sword. Look around you. Do you remember the friend who last time criticised your way of writing poems? Have you broken up your friendship for this reason? Then you have made the biggest mistake. When one is criticised he should not feel he is worthless. Rather take help of a friend and improve. So what are you waiting for? Keep all such friends close to you and advance.


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