Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yay! I have a blog too!

Hello everyone. Greetings!
I creating a blog today is a very good example of how much time an idea takes to implement itself. I am a Social Media Executive and have been planning to create a blog for myself since the time I have become one. Its past 4 months since then and I have chosen (randomly) this day to create it, finally!
This officially is my first blog and I am clueless what to write. So I look up, down and sideways thinking and thinking and thinking....
So finally decide that each one of you who will be reading my blog henceforth should know what I am made up of.. So here it goes-
By profession I am a Social Media Executive and a super workaholic. So much so that I sometimes work on holidays too or you can say I don't have a life apart from work at times. I am not kidding. I have never wasted my time and have worked part-time during vacations too. My mother has always been upset about it. But then I can't help it. Either I find work or work finds me. Still I manage to socialise. My future employers can start thinking of hiring me now.
If you ask me what is it that a person notices in me when he/she meets me for the first time? I would say my talking ability. I have developed this uncanny ability to talk. My talking powers can entertain you or bore you to death, depends upon the kinda person you are.. I don't do customised talking ok? You like it or you don't like it. Anyway I am glad that at least it did not get me into trouble.. (fingers crossed)
Another thing about me I am always charged, up for more and more activities. By the evening when everybody is half dead, I come back to life and I am up for more. Wowie! I cannot sit in one place. Always on toes.. Can't help
I think I have written a lot but there is a lot left.. I am a trained singer and a not so trained dancer. I love movies and I love them so much so that I can watch it alone. I love my company more that any body. I love ice cream.
I have a lot of hobbies that are at an amateur stage like photography, tarot reading, palmistry and graphology.
I have always been interested in super natural activities,  beings, occult magic and mythology. I believe that if you wish for something passionately the entire universe conspires to get you that thing and I have experienced it time and again!
The last thing I want you all to know that I am super self critic. So if you think my work is good you will have to try real hard to make me believe that it is.
Hmm.. now you know quite a lot about me. Still there is always an element of mystery in me. So keep guessing till you find.
Wow I dont know what I have written so I am going to read it again while you guys keep guessing what I am made up off... and do let me know if you get THE VIBES!!!


  1. Hey that is an honest effort vibha! Keep it up looking forward to your posts! :) love the innocence in ur writing big hug to u! I know how it feels with your first blog ever... All the best... :) :) :)

  2. very cool! keep writing and i will read :)

  3. hmm...its very interesting...keeps u connected till the end...very feels as if m in the train and listening to u

  4. hahaha.. yeah i completely understand what u r try to temme.. thank u :)